Saturday, November 14, 2020

Thank You

Thank you
For doing the right thing
Even though no one saw
And probably never will

Thank you
For being kind to others
Even on the hard days
Especially on the hard days

Thank you
For picking up trash
At the beach
And protecting the environment

Thank you
For tipping your food servers
Each time you get a coffee or snack
That money goes farther than you know

Thank you
For paying good deeds forward
The only responsibility of a lucky person
Is to make sure others get lucky too

Saturday, November 7, 2020

A Triumphant Victory For Democracy: Let The Trump Roasting Begin

Let the Trump roasting begin.  Boy, have I waited a long time to say that.  It feels like decades.  The only question now is what's going to hit Trump's desk first: Melania's divorce papers or the sealed indictment from New York for tax fraud.  I hope he's served both at the same time in one giant shit sandwich.  I hope he chokes on it and pukes.  Fuck him.

Now, what to do with Trump supporters.  I'm not surprised to learn that America is just less than 50% assholes.  That part doesn't surprise me.  What does surprise me is the number of non-white people who voted for Trump.  I realize "non-white'' is a vague category, but Donald Trump is a racist.  So if I were even close to anything other than white, I would vote against Trump at all costs.  I realize people have their reasons, but I don't find any of them persuasive.  If you can hate one type of people, then you can hate all types of people.  If you aren't white then Donald Trump and the people like him hate you.  

I've always wished the assholes of the world would just wear asshole hats so I could tell them apart from the people with good sense and decency.  Now they do.  "Make America Great Again."  It might as well be a dunce cap.  Now it's easy to tell who they are.  Some of them were scared enough to stay in closet.  But a lot of them came out.  There's no revenge to be taken.  None is necessary.  Just knowledge that this person is an ignoramus and lacks either decency, good sense or both.

On the bright side, this is a triumphant victory for democracy and for the entire free world.  It's the first time I'm aware of that a dictator has tried to take control of the United States from the inside with almost enough pieces in place to pull it off.  There's no telling what kind of horrors would have ensued if Trump had won a second term.  We can only thank God.  And roast the shit out of Trump.  That's what we should do.  We should roast the shit out of Trump.  That motherfucker deserves to be roasted, divorced and taken to prison on tax fraud charges.  I wish all of that on him.

Democrats still need to take control of the Senate for the United States to have a functional government, but this was an existential victory.  The United States could not have survived four more years of Trump without a war.  We were a razor's edge from unmitigated disaster.  I would not have fought or died in that war.  I would have gone somewhere else to surf.  Which is exactly what I did.  I went to Mexico - pretty much the only country on earth right now that will let Americans like me visit.  It's ironic because one of Trump's major campaign promises was to shit all over Mexico.  "Build that wall and make Mexico pay for it.''  Nonetheless, Mexico has still been kind enough to let me live here for the past seven months.  I love Mexico.  Fuck Donald Trump.

"But not everyone who voted for Donald Trump is racist."  

The hell they aren't.  Condoning racism is being racist.  Voting for a racist is condoning racism.  Thus, voting for a racist is being racist by condoning it.  No Trump voter can deny that.  They knew he was a racist and they decided it wasn't a dealbreaker.  Some of them have been victims of racism themselves, and they still voted for him.  This is horrific.

Biden won the election, but America still has a lot of maturing to do.  It never should have come to this.  Some Republican should have taken Donald Trump behind the woodshed and slapped the living shit out of him for making all Republicans look bad.  But none of them did.  None of those cowards had the guts to stand up to Trump.  They all supported him.  Phony, spineless bastards.  They knew exactly what Trump was doing and they supported him, anyway.  Fuck every one of them.  I've been an independent my whole life until this election cycle.  Trump made a Democrat out of me.  Thanks to Trump, I got a good look at the swamp - and it's full of Republicans.  The closer they got to Trump, the dirtier of a bastard they are.  Trump is a magnet for dirty bastards.  They hover around him like flies on a fresh turd.  

Trump is the perfect litmus test.  Indecent people approve of Trump.  Decent people don't.  It really is that simple.  How do you know who's decent and who's not?  By how they responded to having a racist President.  Did they condemn it and vote for Joe Biden, or did they justify it and vote for Donald Trump?  Ignorance is no excuse.  They had four years to figure it out.  If you voted for Trump, that is a red flag indicator that you are either: 1) an asshole who knew he was a racist and voted for him anyway, or 2) you are a dope who didn't recognize that he is a racist after four years of racist behavior.  Either way, I don't trust your judgement and I'll find other people to get along with.

If this election proved one thing, it's that there are still a lot of racists and people who condone racism.  Just less than 50%.  Racists and enablers are a minority, but just barely.  Yikes.  How is that possible?Through denial.  The devil's greatest trick is convincing the world he didn't exist.  The simplest and most effective form of racism is denying that it exists.  Trump voters all became masters of denying racism.  Some of them can intellectualize it for hours.  The better they are at intellectualizing it, the more sinister of a bastard they are.  Articulate racists are the worst kind.  I wouldn't put Trump in that category.  He was just a racist.  Not a smart one.  The smart ones are worse.

And there are smart racists.  Racism is a character flaw.  It's not measured in IQ.  There is a strong correlation between being stupid and being a racist, but they are not the same.  Being racist is a choice.  It's a learned behavior.  It's learned mostly by stupid people, but sometimes by smart ones too.  I loathe the day that a more intelligent and self-aware version of Donald Trump comes along, but I don't think this is possible.  Donald Trump's two defining characteristics are his stupidity and his lack of self-awareness: so a person with even of an ounce of intelligence or self-awareness would, by definition, be nothing like Trump.  So I guess we've got that going for us.

In closing, I'll say that I've never been more proud to be an American and I've never been more relieved.  Our system worked despite an all out war against it from the inside.  This is borderline miraculous and took a nation full of heroes to endure.  To all the Biden voters out there, I thank you.  To all the Trump voters, go thank a Biden voter for pulling your weight you racist asshole.

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