Saturday, September 21, 2019

Free To Write Your Own Rules (An Already Rich Man's Advice About Money)

The technocracy works for me
The rat race
The whole thing
It works for me
Because I don't work for it

I don't work for it
Because I do what I want
When I want

The only way to break free
From the rat race
Is to stop
Following its rules

The number one rule
Of the rat race
Is that your life
Revolves around money

You must forget the rule
That your life
Revolves around money
Your life does not revolve around money
Your life revolves around
Doing what you want
When you want
Your life revolves
Around you

You will never, ever
Be happy
If your life revolves around money
No matter how much money you have

You do not need money to survive
I repeat
You do not need money to survive

You need food, water and shelter to survive
You do not need money

Money would do no good
If you were stranded alone on an island
With no place to buy stuff
Because you would still need food, water and shelter
To survive
And you would still have to find it
With a bunch of useless money

Money is no good
Without society
Money does not exist
Without society
And society does not exist
Without money
To leave one
Is to leave both
One is no good
Without the other
You don't need money to survive
You need food, water and shelter

You only need money to survive
If you exist within society
If you exist outside society
Then money is no object

How you do exist outside society?
Do you leave your town?
Your country?
Your planet?

None of those
The break with society
Occurs in the  mind
Or not at all

It's not a physical change
Because the problem isn't
That your mind lives in society
The problem is that society
Lives in your mind
And most of the time
You don't even know it
You follow its rules unconsciously
Without thinking about them
Because everyone else accepts them, too

Breaking free from society
And from money
Requires rewiring your whole mind
Because you were indoctrinated
From the time you could form
And understand words
To believe that your life
Revolves around money
And you believed this lie
Your entire life
Because everyone else
Believed the same lie

But just because everyone believes
The same lie
Doesn't mean that it's a fact

Throughout history
Society has held many false beliefs
And throughout history
Those false beliefs have been behind
Every single
Mass incarceration
Child exploitation
And human sacrifice
That has ever happened on Earth
The evil use these false beliefs
To target the good
And that is how these events
Have been permitted to happen

Just because everyone
Believes the same lie
Doesn't mean it's a fact
History isn't kind to liars
Or those who believe lies

Just because everyone believes
Your life revolves around money
Doesn't mean it does
Your life does not revolve around money
Your life revolves around
Doing what you want
When you want
Your life revolves around you
And nothing else

When you do what you want
When you want
In that moment
You own the rat race
The rat race no longer owns you
In that moment
You beat the game
You may still live in society
But your mind is free
You are no longer thinking about freedom
You are living it

When you first break free
From the belief that your life
Revolves around money
The thought will come back
Again and again
Causing you to question
Whether this revelation
Could really be true
The thought will come back
When rent comes due
And you're wondering whether
You can afford groceries

This is when faith comes in
You can't escape society without faith
That you will find food, water and shelter
Even though money is no longer
The center of your universe
But remains center of everyone else's

This takes supreme confidence
And self-belief
That many fake
But few possess
The real ones make it out
The fake ones stay trapped
In the machine their whole life

You may change jobs
You may change friends
You may change your family
You may change your habits
You will definitely change
Your relationship with money

It might be the hardest thing
You ever do
But if you do
It will be worth it
You will second guess yourself
A hundred times
But each time you win
By doing what you want
When you want
You get stronger
Because your faith gets stronger
Until eventually
You just do what you want
When you want
All the time
Without thinking about it

You have replaced society's rules
With your own
You haven't removed yourself from
The rat race
You have removed the rat race
From yourself

You freed yourself from the rat race
By freeing yourself from mental dependency
On money
And now you are free
To write your own rules

If you want something, right now
And you can't afford it, right now
Then you don't need it, right now

If you want food, water or shelter right now
And you can't afford it
Then take immediate action to secure it
By telling people that you are hungry, thirsty and need shelter
Transparency about money
Is how the light breaks through
Society will not let you go hungry, or thirsty or without shelter
If you are truly chasing your dreams
If it does
Then society has failed you
And you have not failed it
Because your only job
As long as you're here
Is to do what you want
When you want

When you do what you want
When you want
So consistently
That who you are
And what you want to be
Are one and the same
That is when you have
Truly made it
That is when you are free
From money
That is when society
Works for you

Not when you become President
Not when you become a billionaire
Not when you become famous
Not when you buy a house
Not when you start a business

The day you make it is the day
You free your mind from money

To free your mind from money
Is to free your mind from anxiety
From doubt
From worry
From fear
And from pain

Free your mind
And you free your Spirit

Free your mind
And the familiarities
Of the rat race
Even the ones you despised most
Fall away
And you go through life
With a sense of wonder again
And things look completely different
Even though you're in the same place
You see possibility
Instead of monotony
And take different actions
With different results

The actions are where the magic happens
And you often don't know
What they will be
Until you make them
Or what effects they will have
On your life
Until much farther down the road

People worry that if they let
Go of money
Then they will let go of their desire
To do anything at all
It's true that they will lose their desire
To do many things they do now
But that desire
Is replaced by an even greater desire
To do the things you truly love
And what's left
Is not a lazy person
But an ecstatic person
Who is absolutely lit
On what he is doing
For no reason
Other than the fact that he's doing it

If you wish to be
An ecstatic person
Who is absolutely lit
On what he's doing
Then do whatever you want
Right now
And keep doing it
For the rest of your life

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