Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fat, Dumb, White America: How To Defeat A Government You Hate

Writing a song or a poem and sharing it publicly is just as valid a form of protest as taking to the streets.  In fact, it's even more valid for a couple of reasons.  First, a hit song can reach millions of people (particularly people who vote and people who will become leaders).  Second, great protest songs are passed down for generations.  I was born in 1984, which means I wasn't alive during the Vietnam war, but I still know the words to "Fortunate Son" by CCR and "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield. "This Land Is Your Land" is almost 80 years old and I'll bet you still know some of the words.

Protest is on my mind right now because I believe Trump has a good chance of winning re-election.  I believe that because I believe America is primarily fat, dumb and white (which is deeply disappointing).

So what can I do about it?  Write songs and poems and blogs in protest?  Absolutely.  I will continue to do that.  But what else?  How do you defeat a government that you hate?  Gandhi said to be the change you wish to see.  I wish to see an America that is healthy, intelligent and cultured (rather than fat, dumb and white).  With that said, I am going to take Gandhi's advice and continue working out, eating proper nutrition, educating myself, and remaining open minded to other people's ideas, cultures and lifestyles.  Making healthy lifestyle choices and educating yourself about other cultures are, in themselves, forms of protest in a country ruled by fat, dopey bigots.

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