Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Lonely Wanker, On A Lonely Night

I awoke last night
Bout a quarter to three
I heard the neighbors romping
And it wasn't just me

The other neighbors heard
And must have got excited
Because they had a romp too
Everyone was delighted

But then I got conscious
Of the fact I was alone
By myself in my bed
Hearing the neighbors bone

It made me want love
Or at least something like it
It can't be that far
If it is, then I'll bike it

The question is when?
And where?
And how?
These are the mysteries
No one knows now

All I know now
Is that I am here
Alone with my phone
And my neighbors in gear

What should I do?
Should I get up and fight?
Should I play the guitar?
Should I wank it?
Or write?

It seems that writing
Is all I can do
So I scribble the words
And give them to you

They make me feel better
About my plight
As a lonely wanker
On a lonely night