Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Straight To The Glory Hole

I was walking on the sidewalk to the coffee shop when a man approached me from behind.  I didn't recognize him.

He said, "Hey.  I've seen you running.  You have a really nice physique."

"Thank you."

"I have a glory hole at my house.  Can I get your number?"

It took a second for it to register.  Glory hole?  Oh that kind of glory hole.  I must admit it was a generous offer, but I declined as politely as I could. 

"I'm not interested, but thanks.  Cheers."

The conversation had no small talk.  It was straight to the glory hole.  The funny thing is I usually get these kind of sexual offers from men.  Not women.  It's like being rich in the wrong currency.  The guys love me, and the girls couldn't give less of a shit.  It's one of life's mysteries I still do not understand.