Sunday, June 9, 2019

Good Things

I see your wisdom
I see your truth
I learn from it
Because I'm open to it

I see your integrity
I see your character
I try to be like you
Because it makes me better

I see your beauty
I see your charm
I let them enchant me
Because it feels good

I see your mission
I see your goals
I hope you hit them
Because I know you deserve it

I see your kindness
I see your generosity
And I'm inspired to pay it forward
Because that's what real ones do

I see your commitment
I see your dedication
And I know you're going to win
Because good things happen to people like us

Principles of Fitness: Stretching (Module 4)

Stretching Tips ⦁ Stretch any particularly tight areas before and during warm up. ⦁ If anything feels tight during the workout, stretch it. ...