Thursday, May 2, 2019

ART POST: "Resilience" 5/2/19

This illustration is called "Resilience" because it was an exercise in resilience.  I screwed it up badly at the beginning.  There were lines that did not turn out where they were supposed to be.  I laid them down with a gel pen, so there were no do-overs.  I considered starting over, but I decided to stick it out because that's how I am and because I have successfully salvaged drawings in the past.  Sure enough, I was able to make some adjustments and come out with a passable illustration.  I feel like I grew as a draftsman for having the confidence and fortitude to stick it out.

I like that the look on her face is resilient.  Does she look like she's going to stay down?  Nah.  She's ready to kick ass.

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