Thursday, April 11, 2019

Poetry Reading: Palabra at La Bodega 4/11/2019

Here is my poetry "set list" for tonight at La Bodega.  I wrote all three of these poems today in the order they are posted, with "Take The Stage" being first.

Take The Stage
Happiness is what happens
When you're on stage
Pay close attention
See how you're feeling
It's happiness

It's what you've always wanted
And when you find it
You find happiness

So take the stage today
Take the stage every day
The stage in everything you do
Because there
You'll find happiness

Fools And Kings
The Fool and the King
Are one and the same

Show me a king 
Who says different
And I'll show you a king
Who is a liar

Show me a king who is not also a fool
And I'll show you a king 
Who is not a man at all

All men are fools

The greatest conclusion
Of our greatest minds
Is that we know nothing

So show me a king
Who is not also a fool
And I'll show you a king
Who is a liar

What is a joker
But a fake king

If there is indeed a difference
Between fools and kings
It's only that a real king
A real man
Is aware of his own ignorance

All men are fools
But only men with good sense
Are aware of it

What If I Write A Shitty Poem
What if I write a shitty poem
And everyone falls asleep

What if I have nothing to say
And can't even utter a peep

What if I run out of words
And rhythm
What if I run out of style

What if I stammer and spit
Like a freak
And Everyone thinks
That I'm wild

Then I'll write that poem anyway
I'll finish it to the end
It's my job to write shitty poems
And I'm not going to bend

Show me a poet
Whose never wrote a shitty poem
And I'll show you no poet at all
Because all poets know
That we write shitty poems
And we love them one and all