Monday, February 25, 2019

The Infinite Dance: Why I Write About My Life

My job is to publish my entire life and be completely authentic, and I've learned it's not about holding on to your identity.  It's about letting go of it.  The identity is a prison and once you let go of it, you are free.  Once you no longer identify as the person you thought you were, you are free to live the way you want.

People think if they let go of their identity, they will lose their mind.  That is not true.  Your mind will continue to function just fine.  Letting go of your identity simply trains your mind to experience things as if you were watching them happen to someone else, or to a movie character.  You still get emotionally involved, but not the same as if it was happening to you.  The "you" is your Spirit, and it is unmoved by your thoughts and emotions. It just watches them come and go, like waves crashing and rolling back out to sea.

The Spirit doesn't have an identity because we all share it.  It's in every living thing.  It's even in non-living things, because they are made of atoms and molecules, just like we are.  Our atoms and molecules are not ours to keep.  At some point, our time will pass the Universe will use them to create something else.  The nature of the Universe is to evolve, and it's all part of the infinite dance.

Why do I feel compelled to write about my life?  Because I find it beautiful.  Because I find the people in it beautiful.  Because I find the whole Universe beautiful.  What a shame it would be if I hid that beauty because of what someone else thought I should be.