Thursday, February 7, 2019

Last Minute Pregnancy Termination: Guess What? It's Another Healthcare Issue

I got my healthcare plan in the mail today, which is a big deal to me.  As someone who had healthcare his whole life, and then didn't, I realized how important it is.  That's why part of me was bothered when I heard about the new legislation regarding late term pregnancy termination.  I consider myself a full supporter of women's rights and I'm generally liberal on social issues, but this one bothered me.  Under this legislation, a woman who is dilating - about to give birth - can request an abortion.  I'm not a doctor, but my understanding of the procedure is they essentially have to deliver the baby and then either kill it or not resuscitate it - which is fucked up to me.

It got me thinking about philosophical questions like when does consciousness enter the human mind?  Is it when the baby's eyes open?  When they take their first breath?  Or sometime time before that?  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that nobody knows.  Only God knows.  And if only God knows, then maybe humans shouldn't cut it so close.

I asked myself, "why do we even need to cut it that close?"

That question made me realize this is no philosophical issue at all.  It's not even a women's rights issue.  This is a healthcare issue.  And it's a class issue.  And it's a class issue because it's a healthcare issue.  It's not going to be rich girls getting these procedures.  It's going to be society's most vulnerable girls.  The rich girls will never be in that position because they're armed with doctors and regular checkups and up-to-date information and supportive families.  But not everyone has that - and that's the real problem.

People who are armed with the right information at the right time don't have to abort a baby as it's come out of their body.  Rich girls won't have to.  It's going to be the poor girls, because they weren't getting regular checkups before or during their pregnancy because they did not have access to them. That is the real problem.

As a true supporter of women's rights, I believe the best way to help women is by getting them the resources they need (healthcare, doctors, checkups) BEFORE they ever get pregnant and THROUGHOUT the whole pregnancy, so that they never have to make an impossible decision like whether to abort a baby as the kid's head is coming out.

That is real love and support for my sisters, if you ask me.