Thursday, February 21, 2019

Intense: The Reason Girls Don't Like Eddie

After my last post, one of my brilliant and insightful friends made me realize why girls don't like me.  This was a tremendous gift.  It did not break my heart.  I'm actually doing quite well with it.  The reason girls don't like me is because I'm intense.

When I was younger, I was intense because I held on to my emotions.  I did that because my emotions used to drive me.  I was afraid that if I let go of my emotions, I would lose my drive.  Now I know the opposite is true.  I'm still intense, but now I'm just intense because I have a lot of energy.

I have a lot I want to do and I have no time to waste.  A real "alpha female" gets that because she doesn't waste a minute of her time, either.  That is a fact.  Those of us who are on a mission have no time to fuck around.  If you're wasting time in any aspect of your life, especially a relationship, then you are not being "alpha."  Period.  Being an alpha male, or an alpha female, means not wasting one second of your time.  Real "alphas" know that.  I guess we're hard to come by.