Monday, June 27, 2022

Clowns in Robes

A clown in a robe
Is still a clown
'Tis not his clothing 
That makes him a clown
But his actions
A clown is defined
By his decision making
The Supreme Court
Is Supreme
Only in its foolery
A Supreme Clown Show
For the ages
With the jesters
Sitting on the bench

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Intelligent Life

I used to think 
Americans were dumb
But the more I travel
The more I realize
Americans might actually
Be on the smart end
Of the spectrum

That’s not so much
A compliment to Americans
As it is an insult
To everyone else

I don’t mean to say
All humans are dumb
There is intelligent life here
Just not nearly enough of it

Friday, June 3, 2022


If you greet someone
And they don’t greet you back
They did you a favor
Because you just learned
In three seconds
That this person is a loser
And it cost you
The low, low price 
Of absolutely nothing

Friday, May 20, 2022


In the history of the world
The good guys win
But just barely
And you ask yourself
How is that possible
That the good guys just barely
Beat the bad guys
When there are so many more
Good guys than bad guys
And the answer is disinformation
Some of the good guys
Thought that the bad guys were good guys
And the good guys were bad guys
Because the bad guys told them that

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sliding and Gliding

Sliding and gliding
Like a dream
How could this be real
I have to do it again
Just to make sure
It really happened the first time
And it wasn't just my imagination
A fantasy acted out it in real life
Like a divine play
A gift from the Gods
One with the Universe
A wave of energy
That makes you feel alive
Not just for the moment
But for the whole day
As if you were sleeping before
But now you are awake
Now you are alive
Now you can feel
Now you feel alive
Now you are living
Now you experience life
With your senses awake
And feel what it means to be human

Monday, April 4, 2022

Getting Back Up

High hopes and good intentions
As if those were ever enough
Something more must be necessary
But only God knows what

Hard work, dedication, commitment
Those are all necessary too
But there's something else

Maybe it's luck
Or maybe it's fate or karma
Some special ingredient
That successful people have
And others don't

Maybe it's self-belief
But it has to be real self-belief
The kind that is only earned
The hard way
By failing and trying again and again
And having success
Only after struggling mightily
That's real self-belief

Easy wins won't get you there
But tough losses might
So long as you get back up afterwards
Maybe that's the special ingredient
That successful people have
It's getting back up

I Am Your Money

I am a rich man's dream
And a poor man's prison
People lie, cheat, steal and kill for me
It's hard to say
Whether I am the cause 
Or the solution
To all of life's problems

People can't get enough of me
No matter how much they have
Like an addiction
But it's not called an addiction
Because I am not a drug

People lose sleep over me
People slave night and day for me
People will do almost anything for me
But I am not love

In fact, I don't have any feelings at all
But people feel good when they have me
And feel sad and angry
When they don't

I start wars
But I don't fight in them
I start arguments
But I don't have a voice

People who have me are deemed righteous
And people who don't are deemed fools

You're lucky to have enough of me
Even if you have a good job
But you can't live without me
Go ahead and try

You can't go to school without me
Or go to the doctor
Or have a roof over your head

But I don't care about you
I am utterly indifferent 
To whether you live or die
I don't have faith or morals
And I certainly am not virtuous
In fact, I come with great vice
The people who have the most of me
Are often guilty of great crime
And are less often punished for it

I am not your ego
Though we go hand in hand
I am not your friend
Though you love my company
I am not your master
Though I am a tyrant

Who am I?
I am your currency
Your dollar
I am your money